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America's Molding Experts


  • Need so many specific formats. (not horizontal) to mix it up.

  • Try not to cause follower burnout and un-follows

  • Boosts go to new audiences.

  • VIDEOS Need to have captions- increases viewership by 80%

  • Content in small bites and teasers - force the click

  • Friday best day to boost for FB .... Monday for LINKEDIN


We create A TOTAL OF 6 of each ads for the 3 months.

THEY ALL CAN BE SCHEDULED AT  ONCE and boosted at once.

Lauren will answer any and all of the comments and inquiries- by having pre-made and scheduled ads, she can have a cheat sheet for typical responses.

The only special posts not here will be D2P shows announcements and thanks for seeing us and those will fall around the show dates.

There are 5 shows in the first period (10 more ads- 2 for each)




This program will help all exposure and GOOGLES ai. as well as traffic to the landing sites.

We will build 6 of each type of post and schedule them for a 3 month period.

Plus we will build 10 Invite posts for D2P shows.  A LIVE AD and a LONG VID for each show. Total of 28 ad posts for the 3 months.

I will post these all on ASH social media to gain followers- this will talk more to your clients and friends. New posts will not organically spread very much.

Gurus as you know has a 50x bigger following. I can easily re-allocate these posts and duplicate some of them on gurus social media, but there has to be a budget. so....

-- GURUS or ASH for the boosts?  Gurus has the audience although its not all injection molders. But your smaller audience is... thoughts?


FULL SIZE Videos for D2P campaigns

 These videos are 3 zip files


facebook landing video

NEW overall tour video

injection molding

supermold video

tradeshow follow up

LIVE ADS for facebook and LINKED IN posts

MOLDING MINUTES for facebook and LINKED-in posts

LONG VIDS for Facebook and LINKED-in

2 CENTS with SPENCE for FB and Linked-in



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