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About ASH® Industries
Production Manufacturing Solutions
Since its establishment in 1991, ASH Industries™ has focused its attention on customers by carefully investing the talents of each team member to best meet client needs and becoming a leader in the rapid mold making and thermoplastic injection molding industry. We have developed manufacturing processes to replace less reliable prototype injection molds with competitively priced hardened molds. Our engineering knowledge, patience, technical expertise, and desire to satisfy clients has led to consistent innovation. ASH Industries™ can offer a new perspective on a project, part, assembly, or product line in order to expedite production while carefully controlling manufacturing costs.
At ASH Industries™ our list of projects span from medical and surgical devices to structural components for laser light shows. All of the project engineers we work with have one thing in common, they are seeking solutions to production questions. Customers also benefit from ASH's implementation of JIT and TOC programs to limit inventories for production runs ranging from a thousand parts to ten million assemblies.
State of the Art In-House Manufacturing Equipment
For over 30 years ASH Industries™ has worked tirelessly to push our manufacturing capabilities to the next level. Over that span of time we've invested heavily in new materials, new production equipment, new facilities, new manufacturing capabilities - and most importantly, the right people.
New Production Manufacturing Equipment: Manufacturing equipment is constantly evolving, new equipment can give you controls and production capabilities that were not possible before. For instance, we recently upgraded our thermoplastic injection molding machine which now allows us to shoot up to 250 square inches of thermoplastic material in one shot, greatly enhancing the size and scope of what our clients can dream up.
New Technologies & Capabilities: ASH is constantly updating and evolving our manufacturing processes, developing new techniques for medical injection molding, rotomolding, liquid silicone injection molding that save you time and money bringing your product to market. New tooling equipment that can run spindles at thousands of RPMs, allowing us to cut mold lead times in half.
Trusted Production Manufacturing Company Here In America
 ASH® Industries is a production manufacturing company that is focused 100% on your success. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company that needs to mass produce a part for your new medical device or an entrepreneur looking for help with producing & developing your prototype product, ASH can help. One of ASH's core tenants is hiring the best people in our industry, right here in America. We hire people who truly love what they do, listen to the customer and are passionate about creating the best product possible.
An Engineering Partner That Helps You Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
ASH Industries™ goes the extra mile when working with our customers helping them to understand and think about the entire product development process, from prototype all the way to completion. We look at your part or product in-depth and give you multiple options that can save you time AND money. ASH works with you to give you a different perspective on your product, you may be able to use a different material that can give you the same or greater benefits than the one you are using and be more cost effective to implement. We know money and production manufacturing costs are important to you.
ASH manufactures a wider variety of materials in a greater number of configurations than any other manufacturing company in this part of the United States. We are the experts in helping you determine the physical configuration of your part, the type of tooling you might need, the best materials and the best process to bring your product dream to fruition, no matter the stage of development it's in.
Engineers at ASH Industries™ understand the complexities of beginning a new project and want to help you to bring your product to fruition by helping you understand what's possible when it comes to product manufacturing. You can trust the experts at ASH to take your product from concept to completion.

Forget the limitations of traditional manufacturing. Ash Molders isn't just another supplier; we're your full-service product development partner, dedicated to transforming your unique ideas into market-ready solutions.


Unlike others who simply execute pre-existing designs, we become an extension of your team, guiding your vision through every stage, from conceptualization and prototyping to high-volume production.


Imagine, no more juggling multiple vendors, navigating communication gaps, or facing delays from disconnected processes. With Ash Molders, you gain a seamless, collaborative experience, ensuring your product not only meets your expectations but exceeds them, all under one roof. Ready to turn your innovative spark into a tangible reality?


Let's mold the future, together.

Ash Molders:

Beyond the Mold, Shaping Your Vision from Dream to Reality

1330 W. Willow St.
Lafayette, LA 70506 


Phone  (800) 598-5274 

Fax (337) 235-0971

ASH® Industries is the molding expert. Plastic, Silicone, Metal, and engineered resins are molded by injection or rotational methods.

Our engineering expertise, patience, technical knowledge, and desire to please clients leads to long term partnerships.

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