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America's Molding Experts


PLASTIC MOLDING at ASH comes in all sizes

Anything from small medical parts to large hollow kayaks, we can mold it. Injection molding for parts up to the size of a microwave oven and rotational molding for parts up to 16 feet.


And we are specialists in highly engineered resins like nylons, PEEK and more. Call us to find out more.




ASH INDUSTRIES is an engineering centric American plastic injection molding company with in-house mold building and tool room.
How we truly gain a client's trust is that we welcome the challenges, the projects that need thinking and trying different things. We are engineers who THINK with you. In fact very few other injection molders share the same passion for making great products as we do.
ASH has been thermoplastic injection molder for over 30 years and our list of projects is vast, spanning a wide gamut of industries and OEM projects. Need a medical or surgical device?  How about an overmolded structural component? Maybe you want better grip for a firearm? It's what we do.
Certs? no problem, we understand FDA, FAA and FFL requirements so you know that you are working with experienced  injection molders and we have a class 7 clean room.
We experiment with you, we offer new materials, we have engineers on staff to offer alternative solutions. We are on your team to make your parts better.

How does ASH injection mold your parts?

Engineered plastic pellets are fed into a heated barrel with a rotating screw that melts the plastic and mixes it evenly. The molten plastic is then injected into a closed mold with high pressure. The plastic cools and hardens within the mold to its final shape, and then is ejected from the mold.

Injection molding can produce large quantities of identical parts quickly and efficiently. And they can have complex geometry with undercuts and hollow interiors with very tight tolerances.
Production cost per part decreases with higher quantities so long runs are great.


  • High tolerance with repeatability

  • Cost goes down with higher quantities

  • Materials available have amazing properties

  • Complex geometries